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Webform editor

Add multiple webforms to a Workflow

If you need multiple people to contribute to a Workflow, you can create a Workflow with multiple webforms. For example, you may have a leasing document that needs to be completed by both a landlord and a tenant. Or, you may be opening a new account for a client and want to pre-fill as much of their information as possible. Both of these objectives can be accomplished with multiple webforms.

The Workflow will always start with the first webform (the entry webform). At the end of the entry webform, instead of a completed submission notification or signature page, you will see a link to copy for the next webform. This link can be shared with the party that needs to complete the next webform. Only when all webforms are completed will Anvil request signatures and/or generate a PDF packet.

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How to navigate to the Workflow editor


Click '+ Add a webform.'

Click the + Add a webform button just above the upper left corner of the active webform.

Add webform 1


Edit new webform details.

Give your new webform a name and URL slug, then click Create.

Add webform 2


Add additional webforms.

To add another webform, the + Add button can now be found in the dropdown under the webform name.

Add webform 3

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