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Reorder fields on a Webform

When creating or editing a Webform, you can decide the order in which you want questions to appear. In this article, we’ll show you how you can use the Webform editor to rearrange the order of your Webform fields on and across Webform pages.

You can also merge Webform fields and add field logic to further customize your Webforms.

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When reordering your Webform fields, you can choose to move your fields within a page as well as across Webform pages.

Move fields within a page

If the Webform fields you want to reorder are on the same page, you can easily rearrange your Webform by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Workflow editor
  2. Hover your cursor over the Webform field you would like to move
  3. Click and hold the move icon to the left of the Webform field
  4. Drag the selected field to your desired location
  5. Release your cursor

Move fields across pages

If the fields you want to reorder are on different pages, you’ll need to move them to the same page first. Once all your fields are on the same page, you can use the same steps as above to reorder your fields on the same page.

To move a field to a different page:

  1. Navigate to the Workflow editor
  2. Click the question you want to move to a different page
  3. Select the Move button in the field editor panel to the left The move button can be found between the More options and Duplicate buttons
  4. Click on the dropdown menu under Move to Page > select the page you want to move the field to Page options will appear in the dropdown menu in order
  5. Move Field to New page

Note: You can use the page break feature to quickly move a whole set of fields to a different page at the same time.

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