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Add an embedded video to a Webform

Embedded videos are a great way to deliver instructional videos and other visual content without requiring users to leave a Webform.

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  1. Navigate to the Workflow editor

  2. Navigate to where you'd like to add your embedded video > add an input field Add input field is the first option the the dropdown menu. An explanation about when it's best to use this field is provided

  3. In the field editor panel, click on the Type field > select Embedded Video from the dropdown menu The embedded video option is nested under the other category

  4. Click on the Video embed URL field > paste your embed URL

    The video embed URL hover text explains where to find the src attribute

You can adjust both the aspect ratio (width and height) of the video and allow for full screen viewing in the field options panel.

Note: Embed URLs are not the same as the URLs found in a browser address bar.

  • For most video hosting websites, you will find the embed URL by clicking Share > Embed.

  • Copy only the quoted portion immediately following src=.

    An example of a Youtube embed URL is shown with the 'src' attribute highlighted in yellow

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