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Edit user permissions

On team plans with multiple users, admin users are able to invite new users to your organization and assign their permission level.

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Types of user permissions

  • Admin: Full access to all Anvil application features of the organization’s plan plus the ability to manage organizational settings (billing, users, integrations, etc.).

  • Editor: Full access to edit and manage Workflows, Etch packets, and document templates. Full access to Workflow and Etch dashboards and submissions. No access to edit organization settings like billing, users or integrations.

  • Viewer: Access limited to Workflow and Etch dashboards. Can view submissions and Etch packets, start Workflows, and create Etch packets, but is not able to create any document templates or new Workflows.

or Billing Admin: Can only see and manage billing settings.

All Anvil users count towards plan limits. Go to pricing plans for more details.


How to change a user’s role

  1. Navigate to the Organization settings page.

  2. In the General Settings tab, scroll to Organization Users.

  3. Add a new user or edit a current user profile from the list.

  4. Select permission access for the user and hit save. user roles

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