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Get a link to continue a submission

Copy a link to continue an incomplete submission. These links can be shared with users to continue their submission or, if access controls allow, continue the submission on their behalf.

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This article is about the dashboard features that allow internal users to copy a continue link from the dashboard. For the user-facing “Save & Complete Later” feature, go here.

  1. Navigate to the Workflow.

continue link 1

  1. From the Workflow dashboard, filter to “in progress” submissions.

continue link 2

  1. Click the copy icon next to the submission name. Alternatively, click into the submission and then click the copy icon for the desired webform.

continue link 3

  1. Navigate to the Workflow.

  2. From the Workflow dashboard, filter to “awaiting signatures” submissions.

continue link 4

  1. Click into the submission.

  2. Copy the link next to the signer’s name.

continue link 5

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