Test a webform from the Workflow editor

While you are building a Workflow, it can be useful to see how the final webform will look and act. By using test mode in the Workflow editor, you can preview the webform experience, test field validation, and logic all before a Workflow is published live. Using test mode from the Workflow editor is recommended to quickly toggle between editing and previewing a webform experience. You can also test a Workflow once it is live by submitting a test submission.

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How to navigate to the Workflow editor


Enter test mode.

Click the green triangular play button at the top of the webform to enter test mode.


Test your webform.

Test webform 1

Now that you are in test mode, you can use the webform as if it were live. You can fill in webform fields to check validations and logic.

Test webform 2


Return to build mode.

When you are done testing your webform and are ready to continue making edits, return to build mode by clicking the green wrench build mode button at the top of the webform.

Test webform 3

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