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Add selection logic to a PDF

With Anvil Workflows, you can generate customized PDF packets based on a set of rules. In this way, you can use a single Workflow that can accommodate a variety of outcomes and different final PDF output needs. By adding all PDFs that could possibly be included in a PDF packet that result from a Workflow and setting visibility rules for each PDF, Anvil will dynamically select and fill the correct PDFs.

For example, a landlord may have standard lease agreements for each state and an additional lead-based paint disclosure for properties built before 1978. In this case, standard lease agreements for each state and the disclosure document would be added to the Workflow. With document visibility logic added, Anvil would select the lease agreement for the state indicated in the webform and include the disclosure document for any buildings built before 1978.

PDF editor

How to navigate to the PDF editor


Add all the possible PDF documents.

How to add add a PDF to a Workflow


Navigate to the PDF document that you want to conditionally include in the final PDF packet.

PDF logic 1


On the right side panel, click the “Rules” drop down next to Document Visibility.

PDF logic 2


Add a condition.

Add a logic condition for the selected document to appear.

PDF logic 3



Repeat for all documents that you want to conditionally include in the final PDF packet.

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