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Webform editor

Merge webform fields

When you upload a new PDF, Anvil will automatically add all the identifiable fields to your webform to get you started. Often, PDFs will ask for the same information more than once and Anvil will insert a webform field for each instance. Combine fields to collect the necessary information once and map it to as many PDF fields as required. If you would like to delete redundant webform fields and also remove their PDF mapping, remove the webform field instead.

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How to navigate to the Workflow editor


Hover over the webform field you would like to combine other fields into.


Click the pencil next to the field name to open the webform field editor panel on the left.

Combine fields 1


Select Combine another field into this one.

Combine fields 2


Select the other field you would like to combine into the first on the webform.

Combine fields 3


You can only map similar fields to each other if they have the same type.

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