PDF editor

Connect a PDF field to a webform field

Set the mapping on a PDF field to receive data from its corresponding webform field. You can either do this from the webform or from the PDF.

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PDF editor

Connect an existing webform field to the PDF:


How to navigate to the PDF editor


Select a PDF field.

Click on the PDF field that you want to connect to a webform field.


Select "Value from Webform."

At the bottom of the Field Options panel, when asked How would you like to fill this PDF field? select Value from webform.


Select a form value.

Choose which webform field you would like to fill this field with. You can search or scroll.

connect pdf 1


Select from additional output options.

For some fields, such as names, you can make additional output format selections.

Connect a new webform field to the PDF from the webform editor:


How to navigate to the webform editor


Add a new webform field.

Click the grey + sign on the page you want to add the new webform field.


Select “Add input field from PDF”.

connect pdf 2


Select a PDF field to connect.

Select the PDF field where you want the data to output.

connect pdf 3

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