Add explanation text to a webform

Add a block of text to a webform to help guide your user through the flow. You can add explanation text as a field anywhere within a webform. The explanation text type field supports markdown which offers a range of text customization options. Read more about writing markdown here.

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How to navigate to the Workflow editor


On the webform, navigate to where you would like to add explanation text.

On any webform, hover between two fields and click the + circle icon that appears.


Add explanation text.

Select the Add explanation text option from the dropdown list. A new text field will be added and the right side field editor panel will open.

add explanation text_1


Add content.

Locate the Content field in the editor panel and add your explanation text. This field supports markdown formatting.

add explanation text_2


Explanation text will not appear on the resulting PDF unless it is connected to a PDF field.

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